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Easy Routine
Cost Effective
Guaranteed Results

Trust Hemp

We trust hemp to rejuvenate and replenish your skin.
Premium organic hemp seed oil
100% kiwi grown and owned
Supports cleansing of skin bacteria
Supports the skin’s delicate balance
hemp skin care nz

Let Hemp Do The Work

Our products are designed with busy mums in mind using nature's most skin loving ingredient - hemp seed oil
Rich in plant terpenes and flavonoids
Moisturise and soothe
Clear clogged pores
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Hemp Face Mask 120g

Our Hemp Clay Mask is luxuriously infused with organic hemp seed oil, botanical oils; containing essential vitamins making it the perfect companion to help cleanse skin impurities, rejuvenate and replenish leaving your skin feeling smooth & refreshed.

Guilt-Free 'Me Time' Apply our lush Hemp Face Mask with your application brush to dampened skin. Unlike other clay masks that harden on your face causing discomfort and making any other action impossible, our mask has a soft drying texture as it soaks into your skin.

Sit down with a cuppa or continue about your tasks while our mask is working for you. Leave for 10-15mins to reveal your most gorgeous skin… or forget about it like that pile of washing on your couch… just rinse it off when YOU’RE ready.

Here's where things get even better… Utilise our double duty beauty Face mask as a daily cleanser saving you time, money and an extra step! Simply take a piece the size of your thumbnail and lather onto your dampened face and it will leave your skin feeling fresh, without over stripping the skin or using harsh drying cleansers.
Made from natural ingredients & cruelty free
Suitable for sensitive skin, all types
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Hemp Face Mask
Hemp Face Mask without Brush
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Simplifying Your Skincare

Less steps to your daily facial routine; strip it back to our fail-proof core essentials.
Revive tired and stressed skin
Restore your skin's balance
Save time and money
Guaranteed results
hemp face mask nz

100% Natural

Paraben Free

Phthalate Free

Toxin Free

The Future Of Skincare
Stripped back to the core essentials; making your skin glow - unfiltered
Hemp Face Mask
“Rejuvenate” to reveal your most gorgeous skin in only 10 minutes.

Enjoy guilt free “me time” with our luxurious face mask; gentle enough for sensitive skin & also works as a cleanser; drawing out toxins & impurities while purifying & tightening to reveal glowing skin in minutes.
Hemp Face Serum
“Replenish” with our secret weapon to plump, glowing skin.

This is your new secret weapon to plump glowing skin; working to both balance hydration and support healthy signs of aging. Perfect for all skin types without clogging your pores.
Hemp Balm
“Relieve" everything with our balm - your saviour in a pottle.

Our multi-purpose balm melts on contact with the skin and works as a moisturiser, a lip balm, or a soothing massage balm. Use for everything, for all ages; on the face or body delivering a no-mess hassle-free experience.
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Before & Afters
Why others are making the switch to organic hemp products
Customer Avatar
“Definitely helped”
“Wow! when I wiped it off my face felt like pure silk. It left my skin very soft, smooth, refreshed and a glow to it. It’s definitely helped soften my wrinkles and lines. I have very uneven skin texture and it also made an improvement. I can’t wait to use it more.”
Suzie Nolan
New Zealand
Customer Avatar
“Just 10 days”
“I love the super hydration it creates, I didn’t even need to apply my moisturiser afterwards. In just 10 days this mask has actually cleared up my dry skin and eczema issues.”
Rachael Smith
New Zealand
Customer Avatar
“I'm blown away”
“I'm 66 years old and I've been doing skincare religiously day and night since I was 16yrs old. This product has made the most difference to my skin out of anything I've ever tried. I'm blown away! It's made it so much more hydrated and plump. The tone of my skin has evened out and it's given me the confidence for the first time to be makeup free."
Karen G
New Zealand
Customer Avatar
“My face was so soft”
"Spread so nicely and after washing it off my face felt so free, it could really breathe and my face was so soft. It makes my entire being feel refreshed and ready for the day like it leaves my aura glowing. I've also been applying it to pimple scars over the course of 4 applications."
Vanessa O
New Zealand
Customer Avatar
“It's magic”
"I like the natural smell to it. Very easy to apply. I loved how fresh and tight my skin felt afterwards. I would definitely use this again and yes I can see and feel it working it’s magic. I’m happy with the results and I think with more applications it will improve my skin even more."
Toni B
New Zealand
Customer Avatar
“Love this”
"Love Love Love. Before using this product I was constantly having breakouts. I applied to my breakout areas once a day and found that the Herbeauty mask stopped the breakout getting worse. In fact breakouts wouldn't turn into nasty sores, they didn't reappear. My face has colour since using this product like my skin is alive. And my face feels so so smooth...again love this."
Pam B
New Zealand
Customer Avatar
“Firmer and soft”
"I really enjoyed this hemp face mask. The smell was good, soothing on my face and my skin feels very hydrated after the applications. After the 4 applications it agreed nicely with my skin and it is feeling very fresh and clean. My skin feels firmer and soft."
Katinka K
New Zealand
Customer Avatar
“Plump and glowing”
"Finding little time to spend on myself like I used to, the Herbeauty range has been life changing for my skin! I love that the mask doubles as much cleanser. It always makes my skin plump and glowing! And the serum has taken my skin to a whole new level!"
Lisa M
New Zealand

Simplifying Your Routine

We help mums achieve glowing skin without having to compromise on time or money.